A marketplace dedicated only to Hemp, so you can connect and share with people within the industry, bringing order and visibility across the entire Hemp Marketplace


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“Once we found the RAWmarketplace, we all posted on there and spread the word quickly. Calls and emails poured in daily with wholesale buyer interest all over the US and in other countries. Because of the HEMPMarketplace, we were able to sell $180,000 in state certified, industrial hemp flower in less than one month, most of which was international. The demand in Italy and Switzerland of USA grown hemp flower is very high right now. The connections and networking we've been able to make has also helped all parts of our business such as discussing cultivation practices with other growers, sourcing products and equipment specific to hemp. It has also helped up realize new opportunities within the hemp industry. The HEMPMarket place has literally changed the Hemp industry and that's the opinion of most hemp farmers in Oregon.


Investment Opportunities

Featured in MJBulls.com Raising Cannabis Capital podcast, “The Hemp Marketplace is building and connecting the hemp community. Joheem Loh & Zev Paiss talk to Dan Humiston about how they’re expanding their Hemp Marketplace to connect not just buyers and seller, but all parties from farmers, processors to end-users, enabling the parties to connect, trade, and transact. The hemp community within the integrated hemp platform will provide higher visibility and transparency to make the marketplace more efficient and secure.”